10 Reasons why you should use a Matchmaker

When it comes to dating, I think it is fair to say that it is probably everyone’s preference to meet their future partner organically whether that be in a bar, through friends or perhaps at work. Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen like that. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to meet people in this way especially this year due to covid and constant lockdowns. The obvious solution is online dating sites and apps but for many reasons people are seeking other alternatives and the use of matchmakers has significantly increased over the last few years. If you are wondering if a matchmaking agency is right for you I compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should use a matchmaker.


1. Saves you time

How many hours of your life have you wasted talking to people online that you have never met? According to Tinder, Brits spend on average 10 hours a week on their app. This is not including any time messaging matches outside of the app. With a matchmaker you outsource all of the initial back and forth and get your evenings and weekends back to do the things you really want to do. All you need to spend time on is choosing your outfit for the date! 


2. Saves you money

According to a survey carried out by Plenty of Fish, Brits spend an average of £106.06 per date, meaning UK singles can expect to part ways with £1,349 on romance in a year. Over the course of a lifetime, the app predicts this will cost the average dater £40,470.

A lot of people deem using a matchmaking service as a big expense however you should look at it as more of an investment in yourself as you will have more quality dates and save yourself money in the long run.  


3. Find a match who is not on dating apps

Are you coming across the same faces over and over again on the dating apps? You are not alone. Many of the complaints people have about online dating is that they are coming across the same people over and over again.  People use matchmakers for many reasons but the majority do so because they do not want their personal details online primarily because of their job or social position. CEO’s, Managers, Lawyers, Politicians, Teachers are among those who tend to use matchmakers. Others are looking for more options as they are from a rural area and the local dating pool is small. If you have ‘done’ all the apps maybe it’s time to explore using a matchmaker and jump into a new dating pool.


4. If you are shy you don’t need to approach

We have all seen the screenshots of those cringy chat up lines on the dating apps. With so many matches to plough through people are looking for more quirky ways to cut through the noise however a lot of time they fall flat. When using a dating service, the matchmaker does all of the introductions and writes your personal profile so all you need to do is turn up to the date.


5. Find a match who is looking for the same thing as you

How many times have you gone on a few dates with someone and then realised that you do not want the same things in life? Whether it be wanting to get married, wanting children or even things such as your views on how a marriage/relationship should work. A lot of people are afraid to have these conversations on a first date as they don’t want to scare off the other person. It is a matchmaker’s job to make sure that you are matched with someone who is looking the same things as you. When you go on that first date you already know that you are both on the same page.


6. You get feedback

Are you very good at getting first dates but not a second date? Not sure where you are going wrong? It’s very unlikely that your date will tell you the real reason why they don’t want to go on a second date. As a matchmaker we get feedback from all of our dates-real feedback. I had a female client who was not very positive about her date after speaking to the male client who gave great feedback on his date and wanted a second date. I was very confused. I went back to the lady and gave her his feedback and she was shocked. She said that he didn’t seem that interested in her but she would give him a second chance. Psychologically men feel like they need to sell themselves and therefore tend to talk about themselves and how good they are. Without the feedback that date wouldn’t have been saved.

7. It’s safer

The online world can be great but it can also be scary. The rate of ‘romance fraud’ is increasing dramatically every year. We carried out a survey and over 10% of respondents had experienced catfishing (the act of making up a fake persona to lure someone into a relationship) by their online date. Matchmakers meet all of their matches and verify their identity therefore dramatically decreasing the chance of fraud.

8. They can provide you with extras such as dating coaching

Matchmakers attract all sorts of clients including people that have been out of the dating scene for a long time. It can be daunting to get back on the proverbial horse and a matchmaker is there to hold your hand along the way. They can provide dating advice, access to dating coaches, photographers and stylists. They will do whatever they can to make their clients feel confident and comfortable during the process.

9. They’ll help you broaden your mind

Many people when dating have an idea of their ‘ideal partner’. Most people are very rigid in their ideas and rule out a lot of great matches over small things. A matchmaker will consult with you to help you determine where your priorities should lie. A great example of this is people searching for someone who has a degree. Not everyone follows the same journey and having a degree does not equate to intelligence or successfulness. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs do not have degrees and yet they are arguably amongst the most successful men in the world.


10. Accountability

Ghosting is the word of the year. Over 30% of respondents to our survey have been ghosted by a match on dating apps. The anonymity of the internet gives way to bad behaviour. People think that they can escape accountability for their actions. A matchmaker attracts more serious people and the matchmaker will hold them accountable for their actions. Most matchmakers have a code of conduct and if someone breaks them they risk losing their membership. 


If any of these points resonated with you and you would like to explore the idea of using a matchmaker a little more we would be happy to arrange a no obligation confidential chat- please give us a call or send us an email to to discuss further.

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