How to make a great first impression on a date

Yes! you have done it! you have met a great person and are heading off on your first date! But you haven’t been on a date in a really long time and you are nervous. Don’t worry- we have got you. 
First impressions count. Scientists say that you make a judgement of someone within a tenth of a second of meeting them so it is extremely important to make the best first impression you can. 
We know that first dates can be extremely nerve-wracking however we have compiled some great tips to help. 

Be on Time 

Before you even meet your date the first thing that they will notice is whether you are on time. Being on time or early (even better) shows your date that you value their time. Everyone also has that fear that they might get stood up so for every minute you are late they are already beginning to get nervous, and it may even sour their mood. If for some reason you are going to be late (these things happen) try your best to let your date know so they are not worrying that they are going to be stood up.

Put extra effort into your outfit 

On arrival the first thing that they will notice is your outfit. I always tell clients to dress up for the occasion. There is no need to go overboard but do put in an extra bit of effort. This does two things- it puts you in the right mindset. When we get dressed up, we feel more positive and bring that energy with us. It also shows your date that this date is important, and you wanted to make a good impression. On the flip side do not go overkill or wear something that you are not comfortable in or is not you. The more comfortable you feel the more confidence you will ooze, and confidence is incredibly attractive. 
Watch your posture and smile 

As you are walking over to your date watch your body language. Hold your head up and your shoulders back. Be mindful of your posture. Walk towards your date with a smile this will make your date feel more at ease and let them know that you are happy to be there. However, don’t act like you are on a catwalk as this may make you come off as cocky and conceited. If you arrive before your date and are seated, stand up to greet them otherwise you have that awkward moment of one person standing at the table waiting to be invited to sit.  
Be positive 

You may have had the worst day at work, or your expensive phone may have fallen and smashed when you were running out the door but try to forget about it. Being in a mood is a real mood killer and immediately makes a bad impression. Your date does not know you and does not know that you are having a bad day. They will think that you are a negative person and you being in a funk will funk up the date.  
Move on from the small talk 

Meeting anyone for the first time is awkward as you don’t know them and you don’t know what to talk about. The best thing is to start with small talk but don’t linger too long. Try to have a few interesting anecdotes in your pocket to start more engaging conversations. When you share more personal stories it always your date to feel more at ease with you.  
Ask questions but remember it is not an interrogation 

Ask open questions. That will get the conversation flowing. If your date asks you a question, answer it but do not forget to ask them the question back. I once went on a date where my date asked me hardly any questions and just talked about themselves the whole time. This shows a complete lack of interest so don’t fall into that trap out of nervousness.  
Make eye contact 

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who would not look you in the eye? Have you ever had a conversation who just stared you out?  Find a good balance as good eye contact as it shows that you are engaged and allows your date to feel more connected to you. If you feel you are staring too intensely drop your gaze to their lips and back up again as this can create the feeling of intimacy. 
Put your phone away 

Phones are one of the handiest things we have but they are also a complete nuisance and distraction. Put your phone away and turn off the sound and vibration. If you are constantly checking your phone it gives off the impression that you are disengaged with the conversation and that the date is not important to you. If you need to keep your phone on as you have a child, then explain that as you put your phone away.  
Don’t forget your manners 

How you treat others is very important. If you treat your date with kindness but treat the waiter badly that will not be forgotten easily. Always say please and thank you. Manners don’t cost anything and will leave a great imprint on your date’s mind and they will know that you if you do go on further dates and have a relationship with you, they will not need to worry about your behaviour reflecting badly on them.  
Follow these great tips to make a great impression and secure a second date. Try not to be nervous and bring positive vibes. Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

If you used our guide on how to make a great first impression leave a comment below and let us know how your date went.  

Or if you have read the tips and are ready for your date but haven’t managed to secure one yet. Get in touch and let us help you. 

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