What to wear on a first date

What to wear? That is the question! On our recent blog post 'How to make a great first impression on a date', we said that how we dress is of great importance as a propective partner will make a judgement within 7 seconds of meeting you. 

Dates these days come in all shapes in sizes so we have asked NYC/London Based Style Coach, Beverly Osemwenkhae, CEO & Founder of Project Bee for her advice on what to wear on a first date in Scotland.

Here are her excellent tips

Is it important to get really dressed up for a first date? 

Oh this is a good one! For women you should definitely be just as or more dressed up than the guy - always! When it comes to first date attire it's all about the location, so if casual drinks are on the agenda at your local pub I would go with a semi casual dress with a pair of pumps or a bootie with some sort of heel. Remember it's all about nailing the first impression, keep the makeup clean and neutral but with a little blush/bronzer and a pretty lip colour! 

For Him: As I mentioned before, guys can get away with a tee and a pair of jeans and look great but for the first date us women prefer a little more effort. Keep things clean, simple and focus on fit. Your clothing should fit and not be oversized. For men, focus on grooming, it's all about looking polished and being put together. 


Denim shit and jeans

Denim shirt with light denim jeansCaption

Would you have extra advice on what to wear on a virtual speed dating date? 

You want to be remembered on a speed dating date since there's little time, so focus on nailing the first impression and wearing a top with a fitted top with a bold color. If you're a little more neutral with your color palette, do a bold red lip. Elevate your top with a silk scarf or a statement piece of color. Wear pieces that show your style identity! For men it's as simple as looking polished and put together, us women we see all the details.

What would you advise someone to wear on a wintery walking date in Scotland? 

Comfort and fit is key on a walking date. I would advise a high boot and a wrap coat.

Knee high boots for a winder date
Low heeled knee high boots



You want a coat that still shows your shape and waistline, so look for one with a belt. If you're wearing a hat set, make sure they all match.


Cream coat for a winter walking date
Cream belted winter coat

Men should aim for wearing  a tailored peacoat or a Barbour, which can always be layered with a denim jacket underneath. 


Navy Peacoat for a winter date


When things are back to normal again and we can meet in real life what should you wear for a wine date? 

A wine date is sexy so you want to play up on that when it comes to your wardrobe.

For Her: A deep burgundy color to play on the red wine color or a wrap dress. If you're wearing a blouse, try one with a sheer sleeve or off the shoulder, exposing your decolletage. If you're feeling a bit more fashion forward aim for a monochrome look a cream or blush color ensemble would be pretty and very feminine.

Flirty burgandy dress for a wine bar date
Flity Burgandy cocktail dress


Off the shoulder blouse and jeans
Off the shoulder leopard print top




For Him: Keep things hot and wear a navy or charcoal grey sport coat and a button up and sweater in the colder seasons and in the warmer season try a lighter color pant with a tee and sport coat, aim for looking sharp and cool. Wear a classic white tennis sneaker to pull the look together.


first date outfit for men
Light Blue Shirt with light coloured blazer
first date outfit for men
Light knit jumper with navy blazerion

Excellent advice from our resident Stylist Beverly from Project Bee. If you are all dressed up with nowhere to go get in touch as we have fabulous single professionals across Scotland ready to dust off their gladrags to go on a date with you.


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