Our story

An Idea was Born

Match Made in Scotland was born one sunny day after a Zoom call with some friends during lockdown. Covid measures had driven them to revaluate their situations and realised they wanted a significant other in their lives - but where could they find them?   

All of them had turned to online dating. We discussed the trials and tribulations of finding love in the online world - being ghosted, coming across the profile of your boss, being catfished - the disappointment was universal. They were fed up with spending all day at home on their computers for work and then all evening on their phone swiping left and right. Tired of wasting hours of their lives speaking to countless strangers they were never going to meet and exhausted by having the same banal conversations over and over again. We talked about how to find someone of quality and how great it would be if they could outsource their quests - and this is when Match Made in Scotland was born.  

Our Matchmaker

Laura Smyth- Founder and Matchmaker

After almost a decade in the recruitment industry matching people to their dream jobs, I'm now taking those skills and using them to match people with their dream partner.   

I love working with people to evaluate their wish list helping them ascertain which requirements are the most important to them and aiding them to realise that perhaps some of their non-negotiables are actually negotiable.   

If you have any questions, I would love to answer them. Get in touch.