7 tips for Dating after Divorce

When you get married the last thing you worry about is getting a divorce, but more marriages are ending in divorce now than ever. Studies have shown that about 42% of marriages in the UK end in divorce and that Couples who meet online are 'six times more likely to get divorced' according to this, online couples have a 17% risk of divorce compared to just 10% for those who met through in-real-life channels!


Dating isn't easy, but getting divorced is no walk in the park either, when and how you're getting back in the horse, should be completely your personal choice but before doing that, here are a few tips to help avoid making the same mistakes and to help you maneuver the dating scene once again.

How to build a successful relationship as a CEO

In my last post, I talked about all the reasons why it’s difficult to start and maintain a relationship as a CEO. But it’s not all bad news because CEOs do get married, and start a family (roughly 80%, according to this study.) How do they do it?

Here are three straightforward approaches you can take to foster a healthy and rewarding relationship as a CEO.


Here’s why it’s difficult for CEOs to have successful relationships

If you occupy a high-level position at work, there’s a ton of responsibility resting on your shoulders. This often makes it difficult to start and maintain a relationship because your work commitments may cause your partner to feel frustrated, ignored, and unwanted.

You’ll often find that these relationship difficulties are caused by specific factors. Let’s take a close look at 3 of them. 


Why do I keep on attracting the wrong person?

You’ve got to a point now where you are fed up with dating because they never are the right person for you. 

You are realising that actually this “wrong” person is the kind of person you’ve been having relationships with your whole life. 

It is frustrating because why is everyone else managing to find the right person and you can’t?

The reason may be your energy and your subconscious. You may not want to hear that it is you getting in your own way and attracting the person you don’t want, BUT this is good, because it means you can change who you attract. 

So, what am I talking about when it comes to your energy and subconscious? 

I’m talking about your resistances and blocks: your beliefs, thoughts, past relationship experiences, childhood experiences, triggers, emotional reactions, and a whole bunch of other stuff. 

There are lots of things that come into play here. I’m going to look at 3 of them (otherwise we’ll be here all day) and it is important to note that quite often they can be interlinked.

How to safeguard your mental health whilst online dating

In our recent blog post 'Does online dating work?' we discussed the psychological impacts online dating has on your brain which can cause users to become addicted to dating apps. 

Mental Health Professional, Laura Burke from With Laura B, tells us more about the impact online dating can have on our mental health and what measures we can take to safeguard our mental health whilst using dating apps.